"Ecosystems exist not only in nature.
Every organization and every person
is also part of an ecosystem."

Topics that move me

Mankind’s greatest challenge is learning how to live and function so that economic success does not exceed nature’s tolerance level, and to maintain social justice. Thinking and acting in ecosystems is the basis for meeting this challenge. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you.

Forest workshops were awarded “Project Sustainability” in 2017 by the German Council for Sustainable Development.

Learning from Nature for Management, Strategy and Human Resource Development

For innovative companies, organizations and executives who are looking for new, long-term solutions and want to get to know their ecosystem. Aims of the Forest Workshops:

  • Unlock nature’s secrets
  • Transfer them to strategic management

Ecosystems are Relationship Networks

After 3.8 billion years of evolutionary history, nature is “the world leader in sustainability”. Best-practice examples may be gleaned from the complexity of multi-dimensional ecosystems, and these may be applied to management, strategy and team development. The answers to problems in your own work environment can be found within the success strategies of nature and your own immediate ecosystem. The answers to tomorrow’s questions can be found today.

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