Dr. Stefan Rösler – oecoach in Stuttgart

About me and my work

Since 2008, I have been a freelance consultant for sustainability and biodiversity for NGOs and other stakeholders. As the owner of oecoach I offer all-in-one sustainability, for example through forest workshops. I am also available as trainer, moderator, teacher and speakerMy many years of engagement in the implementation of sustainable development has led to my gaining a reputation as the “Face of Sustainability”.

Whether for your organisation, your staff or for your own personal development – I offer customised expertise in:

For me these are the issues of the future, which belong today to the core business of successful companies.

A selection of references and examples, which will give you an insight into my work.

Presenting big picture thinking and complex interactions in a comprehensible way.

This ability is an oft-confirmed characteristic of my work. My service is built on the foundations of my technical knowledge, 30 years professional experience, in-depth know-how gained from dealing with NGOs, the authorities, and the worlds of politics, business, science and the media, not to forget an extensive network I have developed here in Germany and abroad.

Wherever possible, I bring nature into my consultation and coaching engagements. I use the living environment as a guide to making important decisions, because it provides the ideal conditions for concentration, inspiration, and drive for innovation. Evolution and natural systems also provide concrete examples which can be effectively applied to business and staff development, for success in crisis management, problem solving and processes of change.

You can read more about me in my CV [.pdf | 45 kB].

My Career

I studied Forestry in Rottenburg/Neckar, and spent several years as a forest warden and a human resources and organisation administrator with the Baden-Württemberg State Forest Administration.

After that I studied landscape design/ecology at the University of Kassel. After research and film projects in Turkey and Lake Chad, I began to promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility in the field of integrated fruit production in the region of Lake Constance. This involved a comparison of integrated to ecological fruit cultivation and dispersed fruit tree cultivation.

The nature film production for the NDR between 1986 and 1995 took me to many places, amongst which Malta, ex-Yugoslavia, Turkey, Egypt, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Ghana and India. From 1997 to 2007, I was the full-time chairman of the nature conservation association NABU Baden-Württemberg, which has around 70,000 members and 50 employees.

In this capacity, I oversaw NABU‘s development to the position it enjoys today, as the environmental association with the largest number of members in the country, established NABU as an independent “Advocate for People and Nature”, and founded the NABU Foundation Heritage, Baden-Württemberg. For more than 25 years, I have been an active member of numerous committees overseeing nature and environmental protection at state, national and international levels.

As Baden-Württemberg’s first sustainable economic model region, the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve is a project of particular interest for me. I also initiated innovative nature experience projects, and the training of leaders for the modern cultural landscape.

With original campaigns and projects in the field of natural and environmental marketing, I am committed as a trendsetter for a “conservation with the people”, and was one of the initiators of “Nature Experience State of Baden-Württemberg”. With my proposals for zero net land use, sustainability checks, the Heating Act, Biodiversity Action Plan, etc., I added momentum towards policies with a sound basis in sustainable development.

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