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Evolutionary Management & Strategic Consultation

As a result of globalisation and the growth of the information society, processes have become faster and procedures shorter. Rapid changes within the marketplace demand continuous analysis of the corporate environment.

The central characteristic of evolutionary management is the ability to see the development of companies, organisations and staff, in the context of the ecosystem they exist in. The factors relevant to the successful development of the company, in terms of strategy selection, management planning, and organisational development, are incorporated in the process.

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Understanding Ecosystems – your competitive advantage

Nature is a treasure trove of success stories. Strategies for teams or the individual, associations or single corporations – in ecosystems compete generalists and specialists, team players and lone wolves, alongside guerrillas and parasites, for success.

Whoever makes use of swarm intelligence and diversity management is following a tried and tested natural model. The understanding of ecosystem inter-relationships is key to developing a holistic view. Whether in professional or private life, this approach helps to avoid risks in good time, as well as to identify and exploit opportunities.

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Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are today important elements of a company’s competitiveness, and in themselves constitute a strategic goal. Sustainability is rapidly becoming seen as an intrinsic component of the core business of successful companies.

It means living from the proceeds of economic activity, without depleting natural resources. Social engagement also means much more than merely investing in the future of one’s own company. Human welfare and natural resources can be secured for future generations only through such global thinking and planning.

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Biodiversity and Diversity Management

When we talk of biology diversity, we talk of the diversity of habitats, the diversity of species, and the genetic diversity within species. Along with climate protection, it is considered the key indicator for successful sustainable development.

It is only in recent years that biodiversity as an existential factor for humanity has been recognized. Computer models have shown that the economic value of ecosystem services and biodiversity is of global economic significance, making the protection of biodiversity indispensable.

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Conservation, Land Use and Tourism

Conservation, land use and tourism must be considered together today. They represent an example of the three pillars of sustainability: environment, economy, and society, and shape every landscape in Europe.

This concerns not only conservationists and ecologists, but also anyone involved in the agricultural, forestry, fishing, mining, tourism and foodstuffs sectors. It is therefore necessary to place active interaction with other groups of actors and stakeholders at the centre of any planning. I will follow and advise you at every stage of this path.

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Nature Coaching – Accompanying processes of change

A repose in the forest, on the beach, or in a city park, brings with it the concentration necessary for important decisions. Here you will find inspiration. In addition, nature offers many concrete analogies and case studies, which are transferable to management and personal development.

Nature Coaching is done in a place where nature can be experienced with all the senses. Together, we have a view into the distance. There is no need for enormous physical effort. In any case your body – and therefore your thoughts – are brought into motion.

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