Coaching – in and with Nature

You stand before difficult choices or changes, and seek professional input to guide you. As a coach, I cannot make your decisions for you, nor present you with complete solutions.

My role is to guide you through a process of constructive communication along the path to discovering the solutions and change you seek. I support you through asking the right questions, helping you to arrive at a qualified decision.

Your choice of where

I offer Nature Coaching

… And I remain open to your suggestions.

Nature is a place of freedom, diversity and creativity

A retreat into nature promotes the concentration, inspiration and innovative thinking needed for major decisions. In addition, nature offers many concrete analogies, transferable to management and personal development, and case studies, such as springs, flowers, ant trails and falling leaves.

These are often called “translation aids”, and provide important impetus for the proper handling of crises, for the proper control of change processes, as well as for unconventional solutions.

As the body moves, so does the mind

Coaching usually takes place indoors. Nature Coaching, by contrast, means: out from sterile and uninspiring rooms, out of the usual sitting posture and office atmosphere. Concretely, this means for you that all or some of our discussions take place in nature. Ideally, in the context of a walk in a park with old trees, or a well-lit forest, along a stream, the lakeside or beach.

Definitely in a place where living nature can be experienced with all the senses, where the gaze can drift into the distance, without the need for much physical effort. The important thing is that you are in motion.

Nature Coaching in a form you choose

Nature Coaching takes place either at a favorite place of your choice, or at one that I propose and you agree to. Together, we look for nearby accommodation, with the necessary facilities for our comfort. The timescale for the “outdoors part” is according to your preferences – and of course with an eye on the prevailing weather conditions.

My offer

The basis of my coaching activity is my training as a systemic solution-oriented business coach. In addition, I bring with me over 30 years of professional experience, in which human resource responsibilities and personality development have played ever-increasingly important roles.

In terms of a solution-oriented approach, as required I intentionally walk the fine line between consulting and coaching. I would be happy to guide you in clarifying your questions, and in addition offer:

  • A free-of-charge, no-obligation 30-minute introductory discussion – as you wish, in Stuttgart or over the phone
  • High level of empathy with you and your specific problem situation
  • Systemic solution-oriented coaching, as required with consulting stimuli
  • Ability to think laterally, with alternative approaches and perspectives
  • Integration of the supportive atmosphere and inspiring power of nature
  • Taking advantage of the “Ideas Exchange”, hosted by nature, in the search for solutions to problems

Your benefit

You are seeking professional and qualified assistance in a specific problem or changing situation. As an extension to the traditional coaching process, you can opt, according to your preferences, for Nature Coaching, providing an environment which is stimulating, and helps find the way to the right solutions.

I assure you the following benefits:

  • Systemic clarification of your personal problem situation (situation analysis)
  • Reflecting the specific problem situation in an evolutionary and ecosystem context, integrating understanding of natural phenomena
  • Solution-oriented approach (goal setting, resource clarification, solution search, decision-making), using specific outdoor methods and nature-related tools
  • Support for your personal development, by supplementing headwork with sensory experience and exercise in nature
  • Promotion of a holistic and nature-related approach
  • Implementation of the supportive effect of nature in problem situations


Are you curious, or already know that oecoach is right for you? Then I look forward to an initial, informal discussion. Contact. Thank you.

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