Evolutionary Management & Strategy Consultation

It is the nature of nature to adapt constantly to changes, and thereby become more efficient and fit for survival. In terms of both development processes and operating procedures, as well as the evolution of survival and optimization strategies of individual species, nature has much more experience than we humans. However, we still make far too little use of this evolutionary experience.

The Evolutionary Management approach was developed by Dr. Klaus-Stephan Otto/EVOCO GmbH. It applies the processes involved in evolutionary development to the management of organisations. Exchanges within and between organisations are viewed as living processes, which take place in a way comparable to the principles and laws ruling evolutionary processes in nature.

Companies, organisations and teams are viewed as organisms

… which are active in a complex ecosystem. Interest does not stop at immediate discoveries. Evolutionary thinking means thinking more in terms of processes, and over the long-term.

Evolutionary Management uses analogies from nature

Examples from natural processes are examined and discussed. From the discoveries made, ideas are brainstormed concerning how they can be applied to real-life challenges.

The central feature of evolutionary management is to view business, organisational and team development in their evolutionary development and dynamic, as well as in the context of their ‘habitat’, the surrounding ecosystem. The factors which have led to the success of the company to date are integrated into the process for determining strategy, as well as management planning and organisational development.

Long-term and linear planning no longer have effect today

As a result of globalisation and the development of the information society, processes are getting ever faster and procedures shorter. Whether energy systems, electric vehicles, multi-functional smart phones or laser surgeries – the rapid technical development today requires constant analysis of the surrounding conditions, in order to ensure the continuous integration of new knowledge into decision-making. Set targets are therefore replaced by target ranges in Evolutionary Management.

My offer

My colleagues from the EVOCO Advisors Network and I offer an exclusive Evolutionary Management tailored to your specific business situation.

We will be more than happy to support you in the successful steering, positioning, and further development of your organisation, in its increasingly complex and dynamic environment:

  • Analysis of evolutionary biography and current situation of your organisation with environment analysis
  • Incorporation of evolutionary success strategies and innovation models of nature into your organisational development
  • Identification of future options, target ranges and ecological niches
  • Development of long term scenarios and strategies that are viable in the short term
  • Rapid implementation of necessary innovation and adaptation processes into your organisation

Your Benefit

Evolutionary Management drawn from the proven evolutionary practice of nature. Analysis of the evolutionary development of your organisation creates the foundation for a sustainable and forward-looking business, through organisational and team development.

  • New findings on the “evolutionary biography” of your organisation and its positioning within its environment
  • Strengthening of sustainability factors within your corporate development
  • New perspectives for the steering and support of change processes, and degree of intensity of implementation
  • Improved risk minimisation, robustness of the organisation in dealing with crises, and awareness of the need for precaution
  • Systematic tapping of employee swarm intelligence
  • Impetus for change to the employee participation culture towards dialogue and greater involvement eye to eye


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